Potassium hydroxide solution is a colorless solid and a strong, corrosive base.


Olin is the second-largest producer of potassium hydroxide in North America.


Olin ships potassium hydroxide by tank truck, rail car, barge or ship. These shipments are sent directly to customers or to a network of strategically located terminals to allow for further distribution of the product, domestically and internationally.


The company makes potassium hydroxide in two concentrations – 45 percent and 50 percent. It has a wide variety of industrial uses.


Detailed potassium hydroxide technical information:


Product Specifications

Safety Data Sheet

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Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)
Chemical Properties See   Safety Data Sheet

· 45% Solution

· 50% Solution

Strengths 45% - 50% Potassium Hydroxide Solution
Uses in industry

· Agriculture (fertilizers, herbicides)

· Alkaline Batteries

· Deicing Fluids

· Food Additives

· Oil & Gas Drilling

· Phosphates

· Potassium Carbonate

· Potassium Chemicals

· Photo Chemicals

· Soaps & detergents

· Water Treatment

Load Size

Tank Truck: 45,000-48,000 lbs or __.00   dst

Railcar:  190,000 lbs or 50 dst

Conversions Dry   Short Tons: LBS   x Na2O   / 76   / 2000
Billing Factors CWT: Net Lbs x ( 1 / % Solution) x Tank KOH % 
Certifications · NSF/ANSI Standard 60


· Food Chemical Codex

· Kosher Certification

· Halal Compliant

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